ExtreamLiker Token Generator

Input your facebook email /password into form below, We need your password to generate an Access Token for your account. Dont worry, we'll not store your password.

What is Access Token?
Access Token is a special code generated by facebook. This code is needed for us to give likes into your post. Your access token is safe with us, we only use your access token to send likes!.
How to Find your Access Token inside the Token BOX?
Before finding your access token, take a look at the generated code inside the TOKEN BOX, make sure there is no Error Code in it, if you found out an error code, read the description that causing the error, usually its because you entered invalid facebook username or password. Input your password again and click "Login". After NO errors in the TOKEN BOX, you can start finding the access token,

Find word access_token inside the TOKEN BOX, the code after the word access_token is your ACCESS TOKEN. View Example below
My account is locked after login to ExtreamLiker?
Sometimes it happens if you're first time user of hublaa liker, if you receive a message from facebook. Its a standard facebook security telling you that you've logged in from unusual device. Since you never sign in to ExtreamLiker before, so facebook asking you if its you or not who doing the login. Simply open your facebook via browser and follow the instruction then select It was me , after that try login to ExtreamLiker again (View Example)

Token BOX